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GHC-0 Pump1.5-2 HP Motor EPDM (7/8)
No. d'article 110601
GHC-0 Pump1 HP Motor EPDM (5/8)
No. d'article 110603
FT C328MDG-25T-SFY-ENL 4x2"
No. d'article 110472
FT C328MDG-25T-SFY 3x2" w/ 6" Imp
No. d'article 131049
FT C328MDG-25T-SFY 3x2" w/ 5.5" Imp
No. d'article 110471
FT C328MDG-25T-SFY 3x2"
No. d'article 110473
FT C218MDG-18T-SFY 2x1.5" w/ 7.25" Impeller
No. d'article 110392
FT C218MDG-18T-SFY 2x1.5" w/ 7" Impeller
No. d'article 127225
C218MDG-18T-7.00 ; C218MDG-18T-SFY-7
FT C218MDG-18T-SFY 2x1.5" w/ 6.75" Impeller
No. d'article 126540
C218MDG-18T-6.75 ; C218MDG-18T-SFY-6.75
FT C218MDG-18T-SFY 2x1.5" w/ 6.00" Impeller
No. d'article 110391
FT C218MDG-14T-SFY 2x1.5" w/ 6.75" Impeller
No. d'article 127224
C218MDG-14T-6.75 ; C218MDG-14T-SFY-6.75
FT C216MD-21T-ENL-SFY 2.5x1.5" w/ 5.0" Imp
No. d'article 127204
C216MD-21T-ENL-5.00 ; C216MD-21T-ENL-SFY-5
No. d'article 110484
C328MF-21T-ENL ; C328MF-21T-SFY-ENL
C328MF-21T-SFY 3"x2" w/ 7.50" Impeller
No. d'article 110483
C328MF-21T-7.50 ; C328MF-21T-SFY-7.5
C328MF-18T-SFY 3"x2" with Water Cascade
No. d'article 126400
C328MF-21T ; C328MF-21T-SFY
C328MF-18T-SFY 3"x2" w/ 7.50" Impeller
No. d'article 110481
C328MF-18T-7.50 ; C328MF-18T-SFY-7.5
C328ME-28T-SFY 3x2"
No. d'article 130098
C328ME-25T-SFY 3x2" w/ 5.50” Impeller
No. d'article 127956
C328ME-21T-SFY-ENL 4x2"
No. d'article 110478
C328ME-21T-ENL ; C328ME-21T-SFY-ENL
C328ME-21T-SFY 3x2"
No. d'article 110480
C328ME-21T ; C328ME-21T-SFY
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